TIME Research Group

Technology, Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship

Digitalization & the Future of Organizations in Networked Economies Enabling Denmark to become exceptionally good at creating value with IT
Governance & Management of Technology

in highly interlinked and interdependent environment. This includes issues such as new leadership models, management across organization, new approaches to management of innovation processes and teams.

Processes & Tools for Innovation

in the networked economies. For example, crowdsourcing tools for internal and external innovation, tools for user involvement in innovation, and the change of innovation processes, new roles and tasks of IT employees in the innovation process.

Technology Use & Development

including issues related to the adoption of technology and integration of the use experiences into the design of new technologies. The focus is on developing a systematic conceptual foundation for understanding, designing and implementing technologies in complex and fluid organizational settings.


Educate a new generation of IT professionals that will contribute to transform Danish businesses and the public sector toward become efficient business actors in a networked economy. Establish ITU as a center for technology management related education.


Establish ITU as an internationally recognized center for interdisciplinary research on (digital ecosystems and networked economy) technology, innovation and management through a track record of high impact publications, conferences, and events.


We will establish strong connections with research units in other universities, as well as with industry and public organizations.